National Give Out Day

Thursday, May 15, is NATIONAL GIVE OUT DAY. The Global Justice Institute is coming together with LGBT organizations around the U.S. for a day of focused philanthropy. National Give Out Day allows everyone to honor phenomenal success in the LGBT equality movement by investing in its future. Our work is unfinished. The Global Justice Institute (GJI) is the world’s premiere faith-based community organizing and advocacy organization dedicated to LGBT justice in the U.S. and the world. You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter to see our work in action. Because of your generosity, we are:

  • Helping to establish and provide ongoing funding for LGBT safe houses in Nigeria and Uganda, following the adoption of harsh, anti-LGBT legislation in those countries.
  • Creating a new, global network of homeless shelters and anti-homelessness programs for LGBT youth with partners in South Korea, Uganda, Jamaica, and New York. The network is sharing resources and best practices for places of worship to serve as centers for crisis intervention, support, and renewal.
  • Fighting for marriage equality in the UK, Asia, the U.S., and beyond. Our team held the first public same-sex wedding in Malaysia.
  • Creating economic training opportunities for lesbians in Pakistan so that they can live independently and not forcibly under the “protection” of a male family member.
  • Forging a groundbreaking partnership in Costa Rica among HIV/AIDS service providers, LGBT-oriented homeless shelters, and a progressive seminary.



The GJI is forging a better tomorrow for LGBT and allied people, fighting bigotry and violence that masquerades as “faith.” Our work stands at the intersection of faith, freedom of expression, freedom from fear and violence, social justice, liberation, and equality for all. Indeed, faith is a source of liberation (not oppression). Your generous support will not only root out discrimination, but will also sow the seeds of equality and liberation for all of God’s children, all over the world.

Make your secure, online donation HERE. 100% of your contributions provide program support.

In faith and solidarity,

Rev. Pat Bumgardner
Executive Director