Update on the Kimmer-Kamba Cultural Center

By: Stan Kimmer

Africa-May-Blog-01-300x249I know it has been a while since my last update on my work in Kenya,
Africa, and that is because there was a change in direction. If you
look at my original Africa Center Page first created in late 2010, you
will see the short story and my vision to want to make a significant
impact in one of the poorest medium size cities in Kenya, Mtito Andei.

After a number of false starts and being frustrated with local
corruption, I needed to put the work with my initial partner Global
Roots on hold. While considering how to reengage in this work, I was
having a growing relationship with Rev. Michael Kimindu; pastor of
Neema Metropolitan Community Church in Nairobi, Director of African
Affairs for the Global Justice Institute, and leader of Other Sheep –
Africa.Africa-May-Blog-04 (At that time I was board chair of Other Sheep in the United
States.) Since Rev. Kimindu is originally from the area near Mtito
Andei and speaks the native Kamba tribal language of that area, I felt
he could be an ideal partner to help this work progress.

Rev. Kimindu visited me last May while in the USA (see photo) and we
further discussed teaming on this project. I ended up moving my church
membership from my local MCC Church in North Carolina to Neema MCC so
I could provide my church tithe support, and discussed the idea of
Neema MCC and Other Sheep Africa teaming with me to make the
Kimer-Kamba Cultural Center a reality. Sometimes multiple groups with
a similar vision and mission need to combine efforts and resources to
progress the hard work.

When Rev. Kimindu visited with in my home in 2014, we started the
discussion of him becoming the lead partner in my vision for the
Kimer-Kamba Community Center in Mtito Andei.

Africa-May-Blog-03Rev Kimindu agreed and at the beginning of the year he and his wife
Robai moved themselves and Neema MCC from Nairobi to Mtito Andei so he
could start this ministry and oversee this work. Using some existing
funds and with additional generous donations from Bobbi and Kathy
Graham-Ward of North Carolina, 2 acres of strategically placed land
near a new university was purchased and building began.
And now the building is complete for the first activities starting
this month! Multiple ministries and organizations will now share the
• The Kimer-Kamba Cultural Center which will focus on vocational and
cultural education and economic empowerment
• Other Sheep Africa / Kenya, providing a positive accepting ministry
to sexual minorities
• Neema Metropolitan Community Church, part of a global denomination
of over 200 local congregations located in 40 countries worldwide,
providing an open and inclusive ministry to all people
• Global Justice Institute, focusing on increasing global justice and
equality for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people in all
areas of the world.

Rev Kimindu (on the right) first traveled
with me to Mtito Andei, Kenya when I was last there in 2011.

I am hoping that my original partner Global Roots will also want to
become a part of this innovative collaborative work after Executive
Director and my good friend Rick Montgomery or his deputy Patrick
Firouzian travels to Kenya this summer to access progress and
applicability to his work.

Activities at the complex will include education, affirming worship
open to all people, nurturing people in need of justice, education
around early childhood development and more. The future vision
includes collaborating with the new local South Eastern Kenya
University – Mtito Andei Campus, and the Kenya Wildlife Service. We
also need to build Phase II which will include two classrooms, an
office and a guest room, which will facilitate most of this work.

Tax-deductible contribution can be made to support this work. Checks
should be designated for “Kenya work” and written to Other Sheep, and
mailed attn.: Stan Kimer, 4404 Pamlico Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609.
Additionally, 5% of gross receipts of my consulting practice, Total
Engagement Consulting by Kimer, will continued be contributed to this