Theological Reconciliation

At its root, homophobia can be traced to religious origins as cultures wrestle with the “divine design” of LGBT people and their reconciliation within faith communities. The Institute is at the forefront of engaging faith leaders in difficult dialogue about culture and human sexuality. In Malaysia, Pang Wei Yap was the youngest person ever licensed by his Baptist conference. When he came out, he lost his job but not his calling. He now leads a growing congregation in Kuala Lumpur, and is the face of theological reconciliation in Malaysia, bringing together parents and children, sibling and sibling, faith communities and the diverse people each is called to serve. At his ordination service, clergy and lay leaders from Roman Catholic, Protestant and independent communities alike spoke of the amazing work Pang Wei Yap is doing. An investment of $300 a month makes this vital work possible and creates safe space for all God’s children.