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The Global Justice Institute is a joint project of Metropolitan Community Churches and The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries. Both organizations have long histories of service with LGBT people and our allies, pioneering the movement for LGBT inclusion in communities of faith and advocating for LGBT equality on all fronts.

Our shared vision is of a world at peace with its own diveristy.

The Global Justice Institute is partnering with LGBT individuals and organizations around the globe to bring that vision to reality.

We believe people on the ground in particular cultures and contexts are the experts on what will bring needed change and equality. The Global Justice Institute offers supportive resources to help bring that expertise to fruition and change the world one neighborhood, village, tribe, workplace, community of faith at a time.

In Pakistan, a “Lesbian Education Project,” conceived of and developed by a small underground group of women in Lahore, has made it possible, with the support of the Global Justice Institute, for women to learn a trade and have a chance at independent lives, free of coerced marriages and familial violence.

In Malaysia, a young Baptist minister came out and founded a congregation of Metropolitan Community Churche with the goal of registering a community center in their space, so that LGBT organizations of all kinds will be able to meet freely and without fear of reprisal.

In the Caribbean, the Global Justice Institute is partnering with social, HIV/AIDS and religious activists to develop strategies to change laws that criminalize LGBT lives, public awareness campaigns to teach acceptance, and to provide safe space for LGBT people to congregate.

In Uganda, a young man chased from his home as a boy because he was gay, has started his own sugar cane business, and with the support of the Global Justice Institute, will hire 10 new field workers, some straight and some LGBT. His dream is of a world where all people work together for the good of the community.


In the lives of LGBT people all over the world — people just like you, who have hopes and dreams for a better future.


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